Our Dear Clients Say

We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Tina P.

Great cleaning service! I decided to use this service provider last month after reading so many positive reviews about them on yelp. They helped making my rental property looked so clean and attractive. The best thing about this provider was that the price was not expensive at all. There were a couple of places on the ceiling still had spider web which were manageable; however, the kitchen, yes…the focal point of the house was spotless. I would definitely recommended this cleaning provider.

Brian R.

Omar is a true professional with IMPECCABLE customer service. We’ve used GRCS for a few move out/move in projects and our properties always look fresh after they leave. Great team, great company. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Sontoya H.

A special thank you to the crew at GRS! They are great people and very accommodating. They came out after hours, the same day that my family and I had moved in to our place to clean it for us so that we didn’t have the extra stress of doing so ourselves after moving/unpacking all day! They even came back today to tidy up because the owner cares enough about his customers to make sure they are 110% SATISFIED with the excellent quality work that they obviously provide!!! GRS absolutely made our transition into our new home WELL WORTH IT!! Btw, they also made roses out of the tissue paper. That’s just the icing on the cake. Thank you all again for your professionalism and consideration. I highly recommend GRS to any and everyone that needs their place mopped, vacuumed…etc. Just cleaned professionally with quality care and great customer service!!!