Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Attractive facilities help you win and keep customers. When you approach a building where you will potentially do business, you don’t want it to look dirty and neglected. If a building owner or company can’t be bothered to keep their surroundings clean, how can you be sure they will give their all to meet your needs? Let your clients know that you care by greeting them with a brilliantly clean exterior.

Clean windows also provide a nice, professional atmosphere for your employees. Dingy surroundings are depressing. It has been shown time and again that access to sunlight is beneficial for workers’ morale and mental well-being. When your workers are happy, they tend to be more productive. Incoming sunlight will also keep them warmer in the winter months and could save on energy costs. Give your hard-working employees a good view and a comfortable workplace by hiring Green Rose Cleaning Services today!

To keep your business space looking its best inside and out, we offer a full range of commercial window cleaning services, power washing services, and janitorial services. We can handle all your sanitation services for your convenience. Be sure to ask us about our specials.

Who Do We Service?

  • Office Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Real Estate Brokerages
  • Banks
  • Retail Storefronts
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Churches
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Doctors’ Clinics
  • Hospitals
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